A range of industrial and draughtsman chairs suitable for factory and laboratory environments. Fabric, vinyl upholstered and hardwearing polyurethane draughtsman chairs which can be steam cleaned. This makes them an ideal choice for factory and industrial use and often used as lab chairs too. We also offer industrial seating made bespoke to the customer's requirements, offering a range of options. Contact us for details.


This type of chair has so efficiently filled the gap. Allowing for the user to move easily within the workspace and made to be easily adjustable to provide comfort. The benefits cannot be overstated and demands within the office are higher than ever. Market competition forces people to push harder, working longer and on a wider range of tasks at a time. If you are working on a high desk the ability to adjust the chair height is crucial to ensure that you do not strain your neck and back while sitting.

Environments for these types of draughtsman chair, range from laboratory and healthcare to factory and bench work or packing areas.  See our upholstered draughtsman chairs which are ideal high reception chairs.


Our industrial seating is seen in various settings and environments and for a wide range of uses. 

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